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Benefits of Renting a Serviced Office Space in Hull

Serviced Office Space Hull, Allenby Commercial

When looking for an office space to rent in Hull, a serviced space might be something to consider. There are some incredible benefits to renting a serviced office space in Hull as opposed to a regular office space.

What is a Serviced Office Space?

A serviced office space is an office space usually within a larger complex that is managed by a singular company. An example would be The Bloc; the whole building is owned by us at Allenby Commercial but we rent out individual spaces to different businesses. An alternative name for a serviced office space in a managed office. 

Fully-Equipped Office Space to Rent Hull

One of the biggest advantages of serviced office spaces in Hull is they are usually fully equipped. Often, this can include furniture too. This takes away a lot of the additional stress, particularly when moving to a new office space. 

Fully equipped usually means that there is a kitchen within the office space to rent in Hull and, combined with the cabling and occasional furniture, can provide a much more cost effective option.

Facility Managed Office Space to Rent Hull

A similar benefit in terms of cost efficiency is that serviced office spaces to rent in Hull usually have their facilities managed by the company that owns the building. For example, if some of the electrics need fixing, the building owner will provide their own electricians to fix the issue without it being an additional cost to the office renter. 

This can also include other facility management such as cleaners, gardeners, rubbish collectors etc. But, it varies between facilities and what’s included in the rental price.

Flexible Office Space to Rent Hull

Flexibility is also another benefit when renting a serviced office space in Hull. Usually the lease terms are shorter which is a considerable benefit for organisations that are planning to expand rapidly within a short space of time and may need a bigger space quicker.

View our collection of serviced office spaces to rent in Hull and surrounding areas. 

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